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It all started in the late Sixties, when Trobbiani brothers set up a smithery realizing light metal structures for small local companies, but the change happened in the late Eighties, as a big local forwarding company asked them to manufacture some steel "plates" to connect loading bays and vehicles. Other similar requests came, and innovative process start, improving a heavy and rudimental product.

Company perceives a business, investments on new technology are made and, test by test, break by break, improving step by step, the first goal is achieved: a strong yet light and easy product, "THE ALUMINUM RAMP".

In the meantime new generations join the cause, giving a boost to development in technology and manufacturing.

In 2002 TM Pedane srl was born, a company specialized and focused on aluminum loading dock equipment manufacturing.

TM Pedane srl is now proud to be an Italian leader in the sector, sharply expanding its market not only in Italy and EU but also in Middle and Far East, South America and Africa. Company offers now top quality and experience, thanks to important local and international references, CE products conformity and ISO 9001:2009 TÜV -Rheinland certification and best flexibility due to a skilful engineering department experienced in product tailoring under request.

TM Pedane srl is also very sensitive to work conditions and ecology issues. That's why all production is based on aluminum material as, thanks to its characteristics, it has many pros against standard iron/steel manufacturing of competitors.

Aluminum has same mechanics as steel, but actually allows up to 60% weight reduction on structures. Moreover, it is extremely resistant to corrosion and chemical agents attack, being suitable for any type of environment and conditions. Aluminum also doesn't need painting, being therefore cheaper than other materials and reducing environmental impact during manufacturing process.

Aluminum is more than strong, it is also good-looking and always clean, it needs no surface treatment and can be simply and rapidly washed, no special solvent is required.

It is absolutely re-convertible and recyclable, in facts more than one third of industrial aluminum employed at the moment comes from recycled material. This means cost reduction and low environmental impact. Aluminum is a cheap, smart and eco-friendly choice.

Trobbiani's concept represents the engineering core of TM Pedane srl, continuative studies on materials and vanguard technical solutions keep on giving boosts to products innovation and development for loading dock equipment market and logistics needs. Every product is tested in laboratories and after an accurate computer engineering phase it is prototyped and tested before manufacturing phase, guaranteeing always top long term efficiency, strength and trustability in any work conditions.

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Aluminum owns characteristics and economic advantages that make it better than the other metals and allows particular uses too. In fact, as the Ministry of Health emphasizes, it is widely recommended especially for applications in the food industry, either by manufacturers and users.

The several qualities could be resumed in four main aspects:

First of all ENDURANCE, mechanical and against corrosion. In fact a plate in aluminum could substitute a steel one with a remarkable reduction of weight. In the case of ramps, it makes transport, placing and use easier. Moreover the utility of any metal is limited if it doesn't own a certain resistance to the corrosion. Aluminum resists better to the chemical agents, and in this sense it's considerated the most economic metal. In the same way generally it generally keeps such a characteristic in industrial and rural environment, especially where there's often use of salt, water, blood and solvents.

Another aspect to analyse is NON-TOXICITY of this metal and its salts.

If we add the fact that the aluminium doesn't sparkle when it's rubbed against other metals, it's easy to understand why it's preferred in the inflammables and the explosives fields.

The AESTHETIC factor has to be considerated too. In fact aluminum is a clean material, it looks good with no need of further finishing treatments and its surface can be varnished, anodised or treated with a wide range of coverings.

RECYCLING: in fact almost all industry products come from recycled aluminium, and this material is almost always recyclable, with many advantages for the owners and for environment of course.

These are the main reasons why this material is considered the one.