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The ARRIMATIC is a system for the secure docking of vehicles; it is unique, being the only current system that complies with European Standards EN 349 and EN 13357 (minimum separation for avoiding the danger of crushing parts of the human body).

The innovative principle is the blocking of the vehicle before it is docked, at a safe dock-vehicle distance ranging between 600 and 2500 mm, which provides the first stage of anti-crushing protection. As soon as the vehicle reaches its stop, a chock in the form of a roller pulls the vehicle towards the dock, in complete safety (a fail-safe cell barrier, specifically designed, ensures the safety of anyone behind the vehicle).

This manoeuvre is carried out automatically: the driver can allow the vehicle to proceed without worry. The docking speed is constant, with visual signalling (flashing red light and sound), and full security (the dock operator can halt this operation at any time, if desired, and the driver is also able to block the operation if this appears desirable).
Once the vehicle is positioned against the dock the ARRIMATIC, at the conclusion of the operation, „frees“ the vehicle to travel a few centimetres in order to avoid excessive friction against the buffers, which could destroy them.
The signal light changes to steady red, the driver applies the brake, and may leave the vehicle. Note that the buffers will no longer receive the impacts and scraping that they experienced in the past. Throughout the loading the vehicle is held against the dock by the ARRIMATIC, thus preventing its unexpected departure.
It is the operator who frees the vehicle, and must return the dock to its standby position, also in some cases closing the door and cancelling the safety barrier.These safety systems are incorporated into the ARRIMATIC.
When the operator has freed the ARRIMATIC, the signal changes to flashing green, telling the driver that the vehicle may depart. When the vehicle has cleared the transshipment area the ARRIMATIC returns to its starting position and the light changes to steady green, indicating that another vehicle may come to the dock. To dock a vehicle the operator has only one operation to perform: pushing the return button on the ARRIMATIC’S control box to free the vehicle on completion of the loading: the rest is automatic.


The ARRIMATICis a system designed to provide automatic docking for a semi-trailer and to lock it in place during transhipment.

The ARRIMATIC comprises:

  • Two posts 500 mm in height with tubular wheel guides 160 mm in diameter, thermo-lacquered in yellow and black
  • A guide rail in HEA 160 galvanized steel, with guide track for the traction carriage to slide on
  • A traction carriage, supported by 4 guide rollers, with thrust ball bearings to adjust for any lateral clearances. The
  • carriage supports the movable rear detection stop and a retractable traction stop. The whole unit is protected by stainless-steel housings attached by screws.
  • Two hydraulic cylinders for pulling the vehicle and one positioning cylinder for the stop
  • A 9.7 cc hydraulic power pack driven by a three-phase 380V 3-HP motor, max. pressure 130 bar, and 4 low-voltage
  • (24V DC) solenoid valves, with LED lights to signal the status, check valve, a pressure regulator with gauge, and a 19-l hydraulic-fluid reservoir.
  • An articulated stainless-steel housing protecting the power-pack, which can be secured with a padlock.
  • Two waterproof inductive position sensors (24V DC power), one for the position of the axle system and one for the position of the carriage (these sensors are
  • proofed against bad weather, snow, water, etc.)
  • A calibrated lateral guide chain that provides for the guidance and protection of all the hoses and cables connected to thecarriage.
  • A lateral raceway in stainless steel, incorporated into the steel guide rail and protecting the fixed hoses and cables.
  • A special infrared-cell safety barrier with a 3500-mm range, waterproof and fail-safe, mounted on studs, ensuring rear
  • safety against crushing.
  • A reflex infrared cell with a 250-mm range, controlling the position of the docking lip.
  • Two green and red LED signal lights with adjustable sound signal.
  • A wiring cabinet, pre-wired with waterproof connectors for wiring the solenoid-valve sensors, and a 16-wire connector for the cabling going to the control box.